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Aruba Sightseeing During Carnival – Fofoti Tours

One Happy Island is in the midst of the most exciting time to be in Aruba: Carnival! 2018 is the 64th edition of Carnival, with lots of parades and parties for people of all ages. The vast majority of Carnival events happen at night, which means you’ve got plenty of time during the day to see all the best sights around the island, and Fofoti Tours and Transfers has you covered with THREE awesome tour options you will love. Here are all the ways you can indulge in Aruba sightseeing during Carnival with Fofoti:

Natural Pool UTV Adventure

Aruba Sightseeing During Carnival

Our Natural Pool UTV Adventure is a 3.5-hour tour where we put YOU in the driver’s seat of your own CFMoto ZForce 800EX Utility Task Vehicle. Our primary stop on this tour is at Aruba’s Natural Pool or “Conchi” as the locals call it. It’s a natural swimming hole well protected from the rough surf and crashing waves typically found on the eastern side of the island, thanks to Mother Nature’s handiwork with the ring of volcanic stones surrounding it. Included in the price of your tour is round-trip transportation from and to your hotel or resort in one of our comfortable, full-sized motor coaches to bring you to our starting point at Orange Plaza. From there we’ll show you everything you need to know about operating your UTV (it’s very easy), and make sure you have eye protection (sunglasses are fine, or you can buy goggles from us) and a bandana so you don’t breathe in too much dust. From there we’ll make our way to Arikok National Park, and the price of your tour includes the required entrance fee. We’ll also keep you going with ice-cold water at each stop and a dry snack to keep you fueled up for the adventure. After taking a welcome and refreshing dip in the Natural Pool, we’ll make our way to the fascinating Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins that processed millions of pounds of gold during Aruba’s gold rush back in the 1800s and finally to the peaceful and serene Alto Vista Chapel, the site of Aruba’s first Catholic church originally built in 1750 and reconstructed in 1952 along with its Peace Walk Labyrinth. We offer the Natural Pool UTV Adventure every day of the week, twice a day at 9AM and 2Pm. If you book your tour online, be sure to use discount code fofoti15 and enjoy a 15% discount!

Island Expedition UTV Adventure Aruba Sightseeing During Carnival

The Island Expedition UTV Adventure is another thrilling ride that takes you to a different set of amazing sights on One Happy Island. The first stop on this tour is Black Stone Beach, Aruba’s only beach that instead of soft white sand is made up of millions of black lava rocks, many of which have been worn smooth (but not all of them, so be careful!) by the ocean’s waves. The surf on the northeastern side of the island far too rough for swimming, but the views a spectacular! Then we’ll make a stop to check out one of Aruba’s several natural bridges, wonders of nature that will literally leave you breathless. Next up is a stop at the Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins (mentioned above), and then it’s off to the iconic California Lighthouse, completed in 1910 and named for a British wooden steamer that crashed on the rocks and sunk off the coast here on September 23, 1891. The panoramic views from this hilltop are incredible, and you might even have the chance to climb to the top of lighthouse for even better views. The final stop on this tour is beautiful Arashi beach, where you’ll enjoy soft white sand and calm waters perfect for swimming and snorkeling. We offer the 3.5-hour Island Expedition UTV Adventure on Fridays and Saturdays at 9AM, departing from Orange Plaza. Included in the price of your tour is round-trip transportation from your hotel, a bandana, plenty of ice-cold bottled water and granola bars. Please be sure to wear sunglasses or buy a pair of goggles from us. If you book your tour online, be sure to use discount code fofoti15 and enjoy a 15% discount!

Best of Aruba Island Bus Tour

Aruba Sightseeing During Carnival

If you’re not quite up to zipping over rocky, dusty trails in a UTV, Fofoti is pleased to offer you the Best of Aruba Island Bus Tour for cruising around the island in comfortable coach to see a great selection of sights. Stops that have already been mentioned above include the California Lighthouse, Alto Vista Chapel and the Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins. Another fabulous stop is Aruba’s world-famous Natural Bridge. There are actually two bridges at this location, but the larger one collapsed in 2005 thanks to the storm surge that reached the island from Hurricane Katrina. But the second bridge is still intact and nearly as impressive as the original. Next on this 4.5-hour tour is one of Aruba’s fascinating geological wonders – the Casibari Rock Formation. It rises dramatically out of the landscape to offer you truly impressive views of the island’s interior after a short climb to its summit. The final stop of the tour is Baby Beach, a beloved spot for families because of how calm and shallow the water is, making it perfect for young and old alike to enjoy some swimming and snorkeling. Fofoti’s full-sized motor coaches are air-conditioned and feature plenty of large windows so you won’t miss a thing. The high-backed leather seats are very comfortable and can be reclined as well as adjusted sideways for extra space. Each of our coaches has free WiFi as well. We’ll pick you up at your hotel or resort for a 9AM start time.

If you’re on One Happy Island to enjoy all the festivities of Carnival, you’ll have lots of free time most days to take in all the best sights to see, and when it comes to Aruba sightseeing during Carnival, the only cmpany you need is Fofoti Tours and Transfers! Call us for more information or questions at +297 280 3636, or to make a reservation. You can also book our services with an online reservation on our website.

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