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Aruba Certified Incentive Specialists at Fofoti Tours and Transfers

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Thinking of Aruba conjures up images of an exotic escape and of being in a bikini having a tan by the magnificent beach all day. And Aruba is indeed surrounded by spectacular beaches. But they also have much, much more! Aruba is not just a romantic getaway. There’s a host of Aruba activities that make this truly a vacation paradise!

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Going on vacation with two teenagers of different genders can prove to be a challenge, to say the least. Just about the only thing that the four of us  — my husband included — agreed on was that Aruba was the vacation spot for us. And we truly needed it!

Family bonding has always been important to my husband and I. Of course, it’s all easier said than done. Both of us are always so caught up in our own careers, we only ever meet because we sleep in the same bed. And with the kids grown, we’ve gotten into the habit of letting them fend for themselves.

My husband and I planned the Aruba trip to start us back on the road to appreciating family bonding time again. Away from our work and the kids’ friends, we were hoping to communicate with each other again. To catch up, form bonds of respect and shared values, and generally enjoy each other’s company. But it wasn’t that easy. How do you plan to spend time together when you have different interests.

And then we realized that Aruba guided tours would be the most logical choice for the four of us.

  • The tour companies virtually plan the whole vacation. I couldn’t do it. Not only am I busy. I wouldn’t know how to choose.
  • They’re very reasonably priced.
  • The trips adhere to a vacation comfort level.  It’s a foreign land so you have to be prepared go a little bit beyond your comfort zone.
  • They don’t take up the whole day. We’d still have lots of time for relaxing on the beach, exploring more places on our own.
  • You meet interesting new people. I got tips from the tour guides on great restaurants. And my daughter and I bought Aruba souvenirs where we weren’t charged as tourists.
  • Best of all, after we visited those amazing places together, the four of us never ran out of things to talk about for the whole trip.

What more could you ask from a truly memorable vacation family bonding time in Aruba?

I knew that the singular key to this splendid plan of ours was to pick out the very best tour company. And we’re so glad we did.

Fofoti UTV Tours was the best choice for us.

First of all, they chose the best places. We can’t go to all of them in this one trip. The right tour company will help us decide if we want to visit Aruba again. (We’re visiting again next year.)

They have the best tour guides. It’s easy to memorize spiels. Fofoti tour guides really knew Aruba. And they gamely shared with us their favorite local hangouts.

They’re very professional. It’s funny how we talk about professionalism at work but don’t expect it during vacations. Professionalism doesn’t just mean picking us up from the hotel on time. It means a well-trained staff. It means clean, well-maintained vehicles. And there’s the matter of being fully insured. When you deal with a professional tour company, you can be sure your family is safe and secure.

I hope you come to enjoy Aruba activities with your family like we did. We’re happier and closer because of it.

For a truly optimal vacation, experience Aruba with Fofoti UTV Tours! Book now!

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