Fofoti Tours and Transfers is a leading operator in Aruba with a reputation for excellence, innovation and reliability. We pay attention to all the right details, both large and small, in order to create off-road adventures and bus tours that make unforgettable memories to last a lifetime. We keep the size of tour groups manageable so that everyone gets the personalized attention they need in order to have a fun and safe time. Our transfer services get people to and from the airport and wherever else they need to go on the island in comfort. Fofoti is currently seeking to fill the position of Sales and Marketing Champion. 

Aruba Travelling experience with a family

Thinking of Aruba conjures up images of an exotic escape and of being in a bikini having a tan by the magnificent beach all day. And Aruba is indeed surrounded by spectacular beaches. But they also have much, much more! Aruba is not just a romantic getaway. There’s a host of Aruba activities that make this truly a vacation paradise!

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Going on vacation with two teenagers of different genders can prove to be a challenge, to say the least. Just about the only thing that the four of us — my husband included — agreed on was that Aruba was the vacation spot for us. And we truly needed it!

Visiting The Natural Pool in Arikok National Park Aruba

Aruba is a happy little Caribbean island just off the coast of Venezuela. The Natural Pool in Aruba is one of the hidden gems that the country has to offer. It is a destination that should definitely be included in anyone’s itinerary. But as exquisite as it may be, the Aruba Natural Pool is best enjoyed with the assistance of experienced guides.