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Many people grew up in families that had a tradition of driving around different neighborhoods in their community to look at all the Christmas lights and decorations people put up during the holiday season. Aruba’s island community loves Christmas and many people go all out to deck their homes with Christmas spirit for all to see. That’s why at Fofoti Tours and Transfers we’re pleased to offer our Paseo di Luz or Christmas Lights Tour from 6 December 6 through 30 December.


Seroe Preto City of Lights

If you’re on One Happy Island during the holiday season, you’ll be pleased to know that one of the main stops we make on the Paseo di Luz is at Seroe Preto in San Nicolas where the City Lights has grown into one of the most beloved and spectacular displays of Christmas lights anywhere on the island. This delightful holiday display is made possible by many volunteer hours put in by members of the Youth Union of Seroe Preto. Each year they spend a lot of time developing a theme and then bringing it to life by building structures that are then adorned with thousands and thousands of lights. As you can imagine, the cost of this important tradition increases each year. It continues to survive on donations from individuals and businesses throughout the community. Back in 2013 a major helping hand came from Aruba’s electric company, Elmar NV, and telecommunications company SETAR NV, in the form of 50 solar panels that save thousands in electricity costs when the City of Lights comes to life in December through Three Kings Day (Epihany) on January 6. You can take a walk around the displays and be sure to find the beautiful nativity scene that is usually tucked away between the two cliffs behind the main display. On the weekends, you’ll find lots of food and beverage vendors nearby, and local bands will provide music for a festive atmosphere.


Christmas Lights and Displays Throughout One Happy Island


As early as the first Spanish explorers who arrived in 1499, there were hopes of finding gold on the island, and much disappointment when it didn’t happen. But gold was finally discovered in 1824, which touched off a nearly 100-year gold rush on One Happy Island. During those years this stone building was a very busy place because it was one of the sites where gold ore was processed. In all, more than 3 million pounds of gold was handled here, which is astounding. Oddly enough, however, there are no records of where the gold was located, so no one knows if there might still be gold on the island.


It’s become a great tradition for many families and community groups to rent a full-sized, air-conditioned, comfortable coach with Fofoti to travel around the island to see all the different Christmas lights and displays, Seroe Preto included, of course. A Paseo di Luz tour begins at 6:30 PM and lasts a minimum of three hours. Each full-sized coach can comfortably accommodate a maximum of 50 passengers, who are welcome to bring whatever food and beverages they’d like to have on-board for the tour.


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