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At Fofoti Tours and Transfers we’ve become well-known for our thrilling UTV adventures, but not everyone is up for that much adventure. The good news is that people who want to get around One Happy Island to see all of the best sights can also do so in the comfort of one of our full-sized, air-conditioned coaches on the Best of Aruba Island Bus Tour! Here are the awesome sights you’ll see:


Californial Lighthouse

There’s a lot of confusion out there about what ship this iconic lighthouse at the northern tip of the island is named after. You will find many tour operators who say it’s named after the SS Californian, a ship that had the dubious distinction of being the first one to hear the distress call from the RMS Titanic and didn’t respond (it was made of metal and was torpedoed off Cape Matapan on November 9th, 1915). But here’s the thing: That all happened in 1912 and Aruba’s lighthouse was finished being built in 1910. The ship that gave the lighthouse its name is the SS California, a British wooden steamer that came all the way from Liverpool only to hit the rocks near the coast and sink. This is a prime spot to take in spectacular panoramic views of this end of the island, and now that the lighthouse has been renovated, you can even make arrangements and pay a small fee to go up inside it to the top for even better views!


Alto Vista Chapel

The road leading to one of the island’s most peaceful sights is dotted with the Stations of the Cross, which helps set the more contemplative mood required to best experience this stop on the tour. The Alto Vista Chapel (High View Chapel) was built in 1952 as a reconstruction of the original first Roman Catholic Church built on the same spot in 1750. A service is held here each Tuesday at 5:30 PM. Be sure to venture behind the chapel where you’ll find the fascinating Peace Walk Labyrinth, which is a great way to relax and focus your thoughts on world peace.


Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins

The earliest Spanish explorers who “discovered” One Happy Island in 1499 had GOLD on their minds, among other things, and were disappointed not to find any. Turns out they just didn’t look in the right places! Gold was finally discovered on Aruba in 1824 and the island had its very own gold rush that lasted nearly a century. The Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins are what’s left of one the sites that processed the gold as it was collected. More than 3 million pounds of gold came through this facility!


The Natural Bridge

This is another dramatic stop on the tour. When you walk out on this natural bridge, you’ll get to the other end and see what’s left of another natural bridge. Many people don’t realize that there are several different natural bridges on One Happy Island. The one that most people called THE Natural Bridge collapsed in 2005, thanks to the storm surge from Hurricane Katrina. The hurricane itself didn’t come anywhere near the island (Aruba is located south of the hurricane belt), but the storm surge did reach the island. The natural bridge that you see now used to be called “Baby Bridge,” which gives you an idea of how impressive the now-collapsed natural bridge was. But Baby Bridge is both beautiful and impressive in its own right!


Casibari Rock Formation

Rising dramatically from the surrounding landscape, the Casibari Rock Formation involves a short climb that will be relatively easy for most people regardless of age or climbing ability. The panoramic views you get at the top are well worth it! You get an especially great view of Aruba’s iconic Hooiberg or “Haystack Hill,” an iconic landmark you see from many parts of the Island. There are two different ways to go up and down this formation, one of which is a set of stone steps with railings for those who need a little assistance. The other is a more natural rock scramble that’s not difficult for most, but might be a challenge for some.


Baby Beach

Located at the extreme southwestern tip of One Happy Island, Baby Beach is beloved by locals and tourists alike, and especially by families with children. As you can see in the slideshow photo at the top of this page, Baby Beach is very well protected from the ocean’s waves, so it’s calm waters give parents peace of mind, as does the water’s shallow depths. You’ll also notice in the photo how the color of the water is a very light blue, as opposed to the deeper blues of the waters beyond the bay. Shallow water makes for the lighter color, and for even more peace of mind for parents of younger children.


This is a 4.5-hour tour that includes round-trip transportation from your hotel or resort. During the tour you’ll be given a snack and bottled water to keep you fueled and hydrated for the trip. The gets started around 9AM and is affordably priced. Call us for more information or questions at +297 280 3636, or to make a reservation. And if you mention the discount code Fofoti1, you’ll get 10% off the price of your tour! You can also use that discount code to make an online reservation on our website.